This message is directed particularly to our owners who do not live here full-time.
One of our owners recently called to tell me that she had just received a call from someone who represented themselves as being from Delaware Electric Cooperative. They knew her and her husband’s first names and their phone number.  She indicated that this person told her that a neighbor had called the company to report that the electricity was off in her neighbor’s unit.  They wanted to know whether she was here so they could check the electricity in her unit.
At this point the owner became suspicious and said yes, they were in Delaware and would return immediately home to check their electricity.  When the call ended, she called Delaware Electric and they told her that they never make calls like that and it was a scam.  The owner asked that I alert the community.  She has reported this to the State Troopers.
When mentioning this to another Mallard Lakes homeowner, he said, “he wasn’t sure if part of same scam but his security cameras picked up a guy who knocked on his door a few weeks ago. He had a hard hat on and we thought he was from Delaware Electric.  He never left any information at our door and we never heard anything from them.”  
Several Delaware State government offices (DOT and Health and Human Services) have recently experienced calls and e-mails to residents fraudulently using their names in scams as well.  PLEASE BE CAREFUL in responding to phone calls and e-mails.  Call the office directly to check on the validity of the call before providing information to strangers or clicking links in e-mails.
Please let the Mallard Lakes Safety and Security Committee (David 302 436 3696) know if you suspect a scam and call the non-emergency number (302 855 2980) of the State Troopers.

Friends and Neighbors  
I’d like to take this opportunity to express my hopes that you and yours had a very happy holiday season and to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2022 filled with peace and good will.
January is always a busy and important month.  This month the Board will review, update, and approve the ML rules, pool rules, a violation fine schedule for 2022.  It will also review and approve all of the proposed community and recreational activities.  In this regard, because of the pandemic, we have not held a community yard and bake sale for two years.  Many of you have told me how much you miss this event, and I will be proposing on Saturday that we hold it again this year.  I think it will be a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get to meet many of our new owners. 
The updated rules, fine schedule, schedule of activities, and office and pool hours will be posted on the official web site and in the Match Newsletter.
You may also ask whether we can get rid of the COVID liability documents for the pools.  I wish I could say yes definitively, but the gorilla in the room, once again, is the pandemic. This morning on the news it was reported that the daily average of new cases was over 400,000; the daily average of new hospitalizations was over 100,000, and well over 1,000 people a day are succumbing to the virus. This decision will have to wait for a while. 
So far, the State has not issued any restrictions on gatherings, so at this point we are proceeding with plans for meetings, the office, the pools, and summer activities.  Please just be aware that everything that is being scheduled is subject to change based on State and Federal requirements.
Recently, several people have requested that Board meetings be held using Zoom or Zoom-like computer technology.  I have appointed an ad hoc committee to investigate the feasibility of such meetings.  I have two major concerns that I want the committee to investigate and the Board to deliberate.  The first is whether owners who do not have a computer, owners who are not tech-savvy and are not comfortable with this format, or owners who have computers that are not equipped with cameras will have fair and equal access to the meetings.   The second is whether moving to a  Zoom or Zoom-like technology will be cost effective; i.e., how much will it cost for the Board and per unit participating as compared to our current cost, or the cost last year when we held telephonic meetings due to the pandemic? I also want the committee to explore the pros and cons of holding in-person and computer-enabled meetings simultaneously.  We are working on this and hopefully will have an answer for you soon,
I hope this message finds you all in good health and I look forward to seeing you all at the pool!  God Bless
Mallard Lakes Neighborhood Book Club  (9/26)
Contact Sue Schermerhorn for details
Notice - Tennis Court Changes
Due to illegal use and abuse of the tennis courts, as of July 3, 2021 the tennis courts will be pad locked.
  • One key will be available to be distributed to owners wishing access to the tennis courts at the pool office during normal office hours beginning immediately.
  • There will be a replacement cost of $25.00 for lost keys.
  • Once locks are installed, upon presentation of a valid amenities pass, keys may be borrowed at the pools like sports equipment during normal pool hours.
  • Anyone using tennis courts must have a valid amenities pass or be accompanied by a Mallard Lakes owner with a valid pass
Please make sure you lock the gate when you leave the tennis court.

A Look Ahead!
Date Day Event Time Location
2/12/2022 Saturday
Admin Building
See Calendar of Events for details and agenda.
Parking Tags - Please Call Fran @ 302-436-3696
Bulk Trash
You can schedule free pick up of large items from your unit on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.  Just call Donna Hemphill at L&N to make an appointment in advance.
Please do not place these items in the dumpster
Note - This community service is not intended to be a channel for disposing of several home items as the result of a remodel or large project.  Please have the contractor dispose of replaced items.  In the future, you may be charged for a large-scale request.

Speed Limit
Please remember that the speed limit throughout ML is 15 miles per hour.  There are children playing in our streets, people walking their dogs and riding bicycles.  Excessive speed presents a life threatening danger.  So please be a good neighbor and slow down.
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