Notice - Tennis Court Changes
Due to illegal use and abuse of the tennis courts, as of July 3, 2021 the tennis courts will be pad locked.
  • One key will be available to be distributed to owners wishing access to the tennis courts at the pool office during normal office hours beginning immediately.
  • There will be a replacement cost of $25.00 for lost keys.
  • Once locks are installed, upon presentation of a valid amenities pass, keys may be borrowed at the pools like sports equipment during normal pool hours.
  • Anyone using tennis courts must have a valid amenities pass or be accompanied by a Mallard Lakes owner with a valid pass
Please make sure you lock the gate when you leave the tennis court.

Pool Supervisors Needed  (5/13)
If interested, call Carla at 443-762-6025 
Mallard Lakes Ad hoc Committee Revised Dryer Vent Information  (6/6)
The information presented in this flyer is for information purpose only and is not a recommendation by the Mallard Lakes Board or the Ad hoc Committee.
The Mallard Lakes Ad hoc Committee was formed to address the issue of owner’s Dryer Vents: Cleaning & Replacement if needed.  The Committee contacted six companies regarding the scope & cost of the work to clean/replace dryer vents.  Because of the length of the venting and the 90-degree angles, the Committee was informed that the rotary brush vacuum method is preferable to having the vents “blown” out.
The Committee found Chesapeake Home Performance, LLC to offer the best prices and the broadest range/scope of services: namely, camera assessment, rotary brush vacuum and if needed metal dryer pipe replacement. Chesapeake offers a free analysis, but they do not do wall repair.  However, the Committee has identified the following sources of repair services under: Home Advisor- Drywall Repair – Handyman List – 1-720-770- 7529 or
Prices & Work by Chesapeake are as follow:
·         Analysis                                                                                                                                       FREE
·         Replace broken or crushed dryer vents                                                                                 $450
-          Includes cutting and removing drywall or paneling for up to 4 holes.
-          The cutting of extra holes is $25 per hole.
-          Does not include replacing drywall or paneling.
-          Includes securing all dryer piping inside properly with heat tape.
-          Includes installing a new four-inch metal dryer pipe and outside cover.
·         Clean functional dryer vents only                                                                                           $ 90
·         Clean functional dryer vents and replace the slinky/flexible dryer vent pipe                $100                                                   
To schedule an appointment for free analysis:
Rick Alchin, President
Chesapeake Home Performance LLC
A Look Ahead!
Date Day Event Time Location
8/14/2021 Saturday
Admin Building
See Calendar of Events for details and agenda.
6/23-8/25 Wednesdays Weekly Volleyball 4pm  
7/31   6-8:30pm Beach Area
Parking Tags - Please Call Fran @ 302-436-3696
Bulk Trash
You can schedule free pick up of large items from your unit on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.  Just call Donna Hemphill at L&N to make an appointment in advance.
Please do not place these items in the dumpster
Note - This community service is not intended to be a channel for disposing of several home items as the result of a remodel or large project.  Please have the contractor dispose of replaced items.  In the future, you may be charged for a large-scale request.

Speed Limit
Please remember that the speed limit throughout ML is 15 miles per hour.  There are children playing in our streets, people walking their dogs and riding bicycles.  Excessive speed presents a life threatening danger.  So please be a good neighbor and slow down.
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