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Saturday October 8, 2022

Next BOD Meeting
Saturday, October 8th, 2022, 9am at Admin Building
Executive Board Meeting Mallard Lakes
1.    Call to Order: Fran
2.    Roll Call/Quorum
3.    Greetings and Introductory Remarks
4.    Approval of Minutes from Last Meeting
5.  Owner’s Question and Answer Time (2 min limit)
6.  Committee Reports
A. Community Activities: Fran
B. Amenities: Fran
C. Web Site: Scott                                                                                               
D. Pools: Carla/David
E. Beautification: Joann
F.  Safety and Security: Fran  
G.  Treasurer’s Report: Dan
7. Staff Reports
A. Grounds & Maintenance: Stacey  
B.  Management: Donna
8. Unfinished Business   
A. Follow-up to Last Meeting
 9.  New Business
10.  Adjournment of Meeting

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