A Look Ahead!
Date Day Event Time Location
Card and Game Night
6 - 9 pm Admin Bldg
2/10/18 Saturday Board Meeting 9am Admin Bldg
Mallard Lakes Annual Owners Party
New Office Hours
Office Hours for the remainder of the year have been changed and the office will be closed after September 17th.  People should call one of the numbers posed on the door if they have questions or need assistance.
New Street Lights
The Mallard Lakes Board of Directors has made an agreement with Delaware Electric Cooperative, to replace and install new street lights in Mallard Lakes. The LED lights are brighter and more efficient to operate / maintain.  Some of the lights have already been installed and sit on top of original light standard, though they are black and have the appearance of carriage lights.  The other positive is that this improvement is being accomplished at no cost to Mallard Lakes owners, so it is a win/win for both us and Delaware Electric Cooperative. The light bulbs are more energy efficient will not need to be replaced as often. 
Hope you all love the new look!!
Bulk Trash
You can schedule free pick up of large items from your unit on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.  Just call Donna Hemphill at L&N to make an appointment in advance.
Please do not place these items in the dumpster

Speed Limit
Please remember that the speed limit throughout ML is 15 miles per hour.  There are children playing in our streets, people walking their dogs and riding bicycles.  Excessive speed presents a life threatening danger.  So please be a good neighbor and slow down.
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